Project Management Unit

Delivering a project to specification, schedule and budget requires an array of skills and expertise, all of which you will find at IDI. We have a team of experienced project managers with decades of experience who will assist you to seamlessly plan and execute even the most complex of projects.


We work with investors, governments and other organizations to deliver top-notch infrastructure projects by:

  • Planning: We develop comprehensive project plans with contingencies that reduce risk and ensure your project will be delivered as planned.
  • Advising: We provide advisory and due diligence services on every aspect and phase of project development.
  • Delivering: We connect clients to tried and tested partners across the infrastructure value-chain, ensuring that every phase of complex infrastructure projects benefit from the same standard of quality delivery.

Our consultants have unparalleled
expertise in:

  • Understanding Project requirements
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Contingency Planning
  • Project Delivery

Understanding Project requirements

We apply project specific and contextual information to overcome challenges around governance, risk, scope and budget control

Stakeholder Management

We engage proactively with every group that has an influence on the project outcome.

Contingency Planning

We envisage several possible scenarios and include appropriate responses into the project plan.

Project Delivery

From concept to project delivery, our clients can count on us to deliver well thought out proposals and executions.