Urban and Regional Development

Rapid population growth continues to put pressure on infrastructure in cities and towns across Nigeria and Africa. We understand this at IDI which is why our solutions are based on a sound grasp of the underlying spatial and economic realities across Nigeria plus our expertise in international policy and practice.


We apply a unique mix of global best practice plus local insight which ensures:

  • An integrated approach to design and development of concepts using world class tools.
  • Sustainable urban development where resources are optimally allocated to raise the livability index of African cities.
  • Planning and implementation that encourages and augments economic flows which aligns with the aspirations of the people and empowers communities.

Our multi-disciplinary approach combines
expertise from several key sectors and
we offer services across:

  • Planning
  • GIS Data Management
  • Power: off-grid and alternative solutions
  • Environmental Resource Management
  • Urban Transport


Our urban planning services are benchmarked against international standards.

GIS Data Management

We deliver reliable and accurate data that enhance the delivery of infrastructure projects.

Power: off-grid and alternative solutions

We offer solutions that cover clients’ diverse power requirements at competitive rates per kilowatt of energy.

Environmental Resource Management

We help ensure environmental sustainability of infrastructure projects.

Urban Transport

We develop policy and legislative instruments and implement formalized urban mass transit systems that help to resolve the transport problems caused by increasing urbanization.

Our partners and associate partners have
the following consultancy experience:

  • Developed the Nigeria Assets Decision Support System (NADSS) on a geographic information system (GIS) platform to harness data from all Federal MDAs and enable evidence-based policy and investment decisions by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Developed a GIS decision support tools for the Monitoring and Evaluation department of government
  • Established a mobile biometric and GIS enabled application for the effective implementation of a labour-based public works maintenance programme,
  • Provided transport planning and institutional support to three States’ Transport Project Offices for the establishment of Metropolitan Transport Authorities.
  • Coordinated the implementation of Mass Transit scheme in three cities in Nigeria: route analysis, technical and financial assessment and procurement support for route licensing.
  • Operational and maintenance support to bus companies.
  • Implementation of a Metropolitan Area Bus Franchise Scheme.